About Me

I've been practicing real estate since 2002 and I'm very passionate about it!  I love what I do! I take my responsibility very seriously. This is one of the largest financial decisions that a person will make in their lifetime and it needs to be treated with professionalism and respect.  

My goal is to serve my clients by providing the absolute best in service. We are on this journey together and I want you to feel supported from start to finish.

If you are selling, we will start with a consultation on how to get your home ready to show.  With the dawn of the internet, selling a home is very different than it was 20 years ago. It’s important that we create a compelling story for your home online so that people want to come see it. 

As far as negotiating, I have reviewed and responded to literally hundreds of contracts.  You might even classify me as a “paperwork nerd” but it’s a huge advantage to know and understand the paperwork of real estate.  Not only does it protect you from potential liability but it also leans on the experiences of the many who have gone before you.  There is always something new to learn but I have seen and navigated through most problems that arise within a real estate transaction.

If you are buying, I look forward to the journey of discovering your next home.  It is a process and so it takes time, patience and effort to hone in on what’s just the right match for you.  You need to prioritize your wants and needs to fit your budget and that is not always easy to do.  You also need good advice and guidance as to what is practical and realistic for your situation.

I have a couple of specialties. 

The first one is equestrian properties.  I have very deep roots and experiences within the horse community which give me a network to tap into.  I speak the language of “horse” so I’m able to intelligently speak to a buyer about the amenities of a horse property.  This is a niche that should not be overlooked if you live on a property zoned for horses.  Horse property is a premium in Orange County where land has become so expensive and many large stables are shrinking or selling off completely.

I also specialize in helping seniors.  I have learned over the years that they take a special type of care and compassion and that selling the family home goes way beyond just the transaction.  They need an agent who will come alongside and help with things like disbursing belongings.  My goal for the senior is to make the transition as smooth as possible by allowing them to move with what they want and leave the rest to me.  I can clear the house of unwanted items and get it cleaned and ready for market.

In summary, I want my clients to feel like they are the center of my attention from the first step they take to the handing over of the keys.  I would love to sit down and talk with you about your particular situation so we can strategize a plan for accomplishing your real estate goals.

Sharon Kaak