Because of my relationship within the horse community, I have some sellers who will say things to the effect of "if you ever come across a buyer looking for something like my house, I would consider selling"...

Now because these homes are not listed, there is no asking price on them.  These would have to be handled with a single party showing and an appraiser's opinion on price so that both parties would be satisfied as to the value of the home.  I've put approximations of where I would expect these homes to be valued at.

If you are interested in seeing any of them, please email me and I'll do my best to get a showing scheduled.

Horse Property #1--Located in Yorba Linda on close to an acre.  There are 4 horse stalls, toy barn, hay barn and a 3800 sf home.  It's gated and in close proximity to both the city facility and the trails.  Estimated value around 1.5-1.6M.

Horse Property #2--Located in Yorba Linda on almost 3/4 acre.  The house is about 3500sf and there's both a pool and 4 stall barn with turnout/small arena. Estimated value about 1.4M

Horse Property #3--Located in Yorba Linda on about 1/2 acre.  House is about 2400sf, has a barn and turnout/small arena.  Estimated value around $900,000.